If components - if true proceed if false delete

I’ve been reading this forum and other articles as well but i cannot find solution for my problem.

I am trying to make interactive model that will help me with some space management. So i have walls, i have offset lines that are edges of benches - i have different types of benches that i can choose through Filter component (this is important to explain because benches are in different sizes), and i defined door area (yellow square). Door area is movable. I dont have problem with dimensions of room nor with dimensions of benches.
The problem is that i would like to analise intersections of lines - the thing i would like to do is: if offset line doesnt intersect with square, proceed with sweep1rail (i have shape and i know how to put it in place). If offset line intersect with square, split it (with CCX for example), than analise those split lines - if lenght is smaller than x delete it.
I have succeded to go step by step from all above but i cannot integrate it so that i dont have problem when i move door area. I dont know how to make it work - IF something is intersecting do this, if not do that…
I would be really grateful if you could help me.

Take a look at this example.

Intersection event.gh (9.3 KB)

Hello, thank you for reply.
I didnt yet use stream gate parameter, so i dont understand it quite well. As i understood from your example, stream gate filters - were Stream is geometry being filtered and gate is filter? So in this example, if there is “gate” (point of intersection) output is target 1, and if there isn’t target 0?
Also i don’t understand why (from target 0) wire is red - curve failed to collect data? i tried adding curve parameter just to try it but the same happened?

So here I have two operations.
1- offset the curve.
2- make a sweep around a curve.
I set the condition, if there is an intersection happening, do operation 1, else do operation 2.
There should be always one of the operations in orange color because the stream gate will open the gate to just one operation by evaluating your condition.
I hope it’s clear for you.

Thank you very much!!!

For other users - stream gate is working for just one component (in this case one point). If you have several points use sift component :smiley: