Ies Lighting under water


I need to render swimming pools with electric lighting. I am use to use ies files to import the lighting into a project.

I read in other forums that flamingo and Vray for rhino are able to do the job, but I don’t want to pay too much…feedback will be appreciated!

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i don’t have much knowledge about flamingo but vray for rhino does support ies light files but not volumetric lights. in this case you described volumetric light is what you need so you need to find another solution (Photoshop etc.) to achieve desired effect.


Interesting question. Can you post a sample image of the type of lighting you’re after. Also do you have an IES file that you’d use? I think what you’ve described would be possible in a variety of render plugins… (10.3 KB)

well, this is the kind of effect…do you know if flamingo doesn’t simple straight forward rendering? ( not complicated settings )

thank you for your reply!

( the ies file is not colored light like in the picture…)


ok…thx though for your reply!


Maxwell would do it.

Hi! Maxwell render can import the ies file to generate a specific real light source, so in my opinion it’s what you are you looking for.