Identifying Closest curves from points

Hi there,

I’m struggling to find a solution to identify the curves that points of measurement lie on.
I have named the curves and areas they are perimeter to, and ideally want those names carried through into the output to help identify the curves later.
This is the crv layout and measurement, and then the kind of output I’m looking for…
Identify closest (21.1 KB)

Thank you for any help with this!

Identify closest (19.1 KB)

Hi @rajeev_pulari ,
Thanks very much for the answer!
Can you see any way of retaining the crv names in the solution so that the output identifies the area and crv where the closest distance occurs?
Thanks for the help

Identify closest (25.4 KB)

This is great thank you @rajeev_pulari .
I think I wasn’t that clear with my summary… I was looking for a way of also identifying the name of the individual ‘side’ of the rectangle where the closest point occurs. I.e for the 13m distance the two closest ‘sides’ are ‘0’ from rectangle B6 and ‘2’ from B2. Is there any way of separating out those two names to then be included in the solution?
Thanks again for the help given!