Ideas for making 2D drafting workflow faster or more efficient?

I usually create 3d models for my clients but given the nature of the business (film), we go through many iterations and changes. Often these changes will come after I’ve already laid out plan, sections, and elevations on sheets in the layout tab (each sheet gets one tab). I normally use clipping planes and set my section/elevations that way.

However, I’ve found that it can be problematic and time-consuming changing the text/dimensions/leaders in the layout after I’ve modified the model. I know that there is some function that’s supposed to “stick” the dimensions/leaders to the model even if it changed/moved, but this function doesn’t work consistently so I’ve turned it off.

I’ve been resorting to make2d and using the 2d line work to create my plans/elevations/sections since I’m better able to control line weights, etc.

I haven’t yet tried it but I’ve heard of people dimensioning in model-space. I can see this making edits easier since I would see the dimensions right there as I edit. Does anyone else do this?

How do you go about drafting in model space? I mean, how do you set up the different scales of text/dimensions/leaders so they look uniform in case your sheet has multiple scales?

Any ideas to speed up the workflow for generating and editing/revising dimensions drawings?

Thank you.

This is what the option ‘Enable layout space scaling’ is for: Options > Annotation Styles

Slightly related,

I’ve been on a kick to make a seemless “automated” workflow for 2D documentation. Right now I’m focusing on generating a workflow for making graphic print templates for clients. Using doodlebug I hope to create an automated die line exporter. I usually make all my drawing files in solidworks but this workflow should be able to transfer nicely to your need of dim drawings. I’m still in the thick of it now but when im in a good place ill check back on this thread and give you an update.


Yes, that seems to do the trick but I have to test to see how well it works in the case of various different scales used on one sheet.

It should work, @mary explains it in this post better: