Idea for vers 6

maybe its a little bit too late but please consider to add these feature =

1.Can we have a good context menu in Rhino 6? currently we have to set context menu ourself and it can be time consuming, at least have default context menu with the most common tool used when we hover on an object, (for instance if I select 2 intersecting Curve , the context menu should pop up split, or trim. etc etc.

and the context menu can be combined with Modifier shift, alt and control,

this can be useful to speed up modelling.

2.add tools to support WACOM user… have a tool to utilize wacom user like paint vertex weight, paint weight map, sculpt NURBS Ctr,Point and Mesh.

3.I believe rhino 6 will come with better tools and command , there is one thing is crucial in NURBS modelling is a “stitch” feature ( basically forcing Polysurface to keep their continuity when we move their Ctr.Point. this will save more time as we dont have to keep rebuilding srf or keeping an eye on history.

4.VISUAL history (make a visual connection to show how the history is maintained, and can be connected to any Grasshopper component)


Hi Runnie - by this, do you mean you’d get different menus with modifier keys held?



yes Mr.Pascal. its like holding down Ctrl + RMB over a curve will pop up any edit Crv feature. (open close crv, adjust seam, insert knot, rebuild), Shift + RMB for surface creation from curve (extrude, loft, etc).

basically trying to avoid typing too much on the command list (especially WACOM users, we dont like typing :P)

Hi Runnie- there are two sub-ideas in this idea, I think -

  1. Modifier keys pop up different menus.
  2. The menus are smart enough to know what it under the cursor, or selected and provide more fine tuned choices accordingly.


My guess is that 1 is much, much easier to add than 2. But… we may be able to try one or two things, at least crudely, in the meantime - I made some scripted context menus that attempted to make some ‘smart’ offerings a while ago, I’ll dig back into that to see if it still makes any sense to me.



yes, perhaps a poll from Rhino user will help to develop this feature, its not an easy feature I believe since it forces the software to be “smart” enough to provide the right tool for the user. but this will help speed up modelling and will attract more user :smile:

please kindly post that script in here so we can have a try :smile:

btw, about WACOM implementation, does it exist in rhino 6?