Icosahedron, how to generate?

Anybody know how I can generate a complex icosahedron?

I am working on a simple mesh-sphere shrinker, and it works ok, but the “poles” of a normal sphere adds unnecessary complexity in some areas, so an evenly spaced mesh would be better.

Rh5 has a ‘native’ command: icosahedron.

How about this?


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Actually, no, this is a command provided by the RhinoPolyhedra plug-in you downloaded from Food4Rhino…

Memory loss. Local.

Here’s an RVB from Dale before the polyhedron tools were released.

Icosahedron001.rvb (3.2 KB)

Thankx, I need to generate a high density one, but this pushed me in the right direction and I now found a link to a C# script (not for Rhino) that will give me the head start i need (I hope…)

Thanks, that is the stuff I had in mind as those are great, but I don’t want the script to be dependent on other scripts/plugins. I think I might have what I need now though.

Could you implement this in V6 (if you have not already done so?)



Hi Holo,
Don’t know if you saw my request for this plugin for V6, response was no plugins are being compiled until they basically finish V6. I think it will be out after V6 is finished for the most part.

Keep in mind that most commands in Rhino are plugins, and you can compile plugins for V6 right now, but it might not run on later WIP versions as core stuff still might change, so you should recompile for every build. That said, I think Dale’s plugin is so great that it should be part of vanilla Rhino as geometric figures are needed for both design and architecture :slight_smile: (And I am sure his code is both faster and cleaner than mine!)



@pascal, what do you think?

Here’s what dale wrote when I asked for this plugin. I’d love to see the plugin as part of Vanilla rhino as I have always said it should be, one of my favorite plugins.
Maybe Pascal can twist Dale’s arm so we can have this in V6. I don’t have V5 on this computer so no cut and paste for me.

Here is the request.