Icons do not obey

My custom icons does not obey in Rhino 6. What can I do?


What does that mean?
Please describe the problem you’re trying to solve.

Hi John,

Today I made a decision to switch version from Rhino V5 to V6 because of the better snapping projection.
I feel, I use the same Toolbar file that I created in V5 on both version.

That isn’t a sure thing.
It might work, it might not.

Commands and command options change between versions.

It far better to create a new V6 toolbar and customize it so it acts the same way as the V5 tool did.

Hello - are you referring to the layout? Please try, with one Rhino open:

Restore the main Rhino application window, and stretch it by hand to be nearly maximized size.
Arrange the toolbars as you like.
Maximize the Rhino window.
Close Rhino.
Open Rhino - is that any better?