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I am on win 10 up to date and Rhino 8 latest. My materials icons are all dark and messed up.
When adjust the size slider they look normal for a brief moment and the go back to being dark messed up. When I render I also get the same dark ugly mess or when I ray trace view same thing.

Run the Rhino command SystemInfo and post the results here. Also a screen capture of the messed up icons may be helpful.

Thanks for your time on this, not sure what is wrong, I could not find a way to show the icons in a picture but you see the normal looking render and the blacked out one.
The icons are also blacked out like the render and ray trace view gives the same bad results. When I slide the adjust size button in the materials panel the icons look good while sliding and then they all redraw to the ugly state.


SYSTEM-INFO.txt (2.64 KB)

hi @Edwin_Akers The render previews going bad should be fixed in the latest wip.

Well, not really nothing has changed here. This is what the material icons look like.

Thanks, Buddy.

can you run systeminfo again and post back the results? The issue you are seeing is different from the one I was referring to. It looks like in your computer you get two of the same icons but squashed.

Yes, I can tell you that when I drag the materials icon slider to adjust the icon size the icons look normal when I am sliding but as soon as I let go they all redraw to the double ugly state.


SYSTEM-I.txt (2.44 KB)

I cannot repeat that here. Can you send me the model? If confidential you can also upload it here:

@Edwin_Akers one more question, does it happen on a new file as well, and in both tree view and grid view?

Created a new file large inches in WIP8 and created a surface 2 point and imported a material and the same behavior.
The ray trace display mode and the icons and when you actually render something all have the same dark and ugly behavior. The render display mode looks fine but the materials icons are dark.


@Edwin_Akers pls send the file that shows this

This has one material from the rhino stock materials wood african teak polished I believe.


TEST-A.3dm (212 KB)

hi @Edwin_Akers thanks for sending the file. Unfortunately this file works correctly here. I’ll keep an eye on it.

My only request for future rhino is if there could be a utility that completely removes rhino from my system including all the many windows residuals so that I could do a new install as if it was the first time.
I know that could be a windows thing but it sure would help end users like me who are not windows experts.


Hi Edwin -

In Rhino 8, the Reset command has different levels, where “Factory Reset” should do what you request.


That fixed my problems! Thank you.