Icon size in GH 1.0.0004 (V6 Beta)?

Has anyone ever experienced a dramatic increase in Grasshopper icon sizes? Somehow, however, my icons are now all doubled at 48×48 px, see image below.
I am running:
Rhino WIP Build (6.0.15132.14591, 05/12/2015)
GH Build 1.0.0004 (Version Tuesday, 12 May 2015 14:59)
on a Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit machine
This happened upon installing the latest V6 WIP build.
I don’t have this problem with V5 and the latest GH Build not packaged with a Rhino WIP release (don’t have those version numbers handy at the mo’ as they’re on another machine…).
Any thoughts on how I might return the icons to their normal size within the Rhino WIP environment are much appreciated. FYI, I am also posting on the Grasshopper forum as it is unclear whether this is a Grasshopper or V6 issue or just something corrupted in the user files on my machine…

Same here. Big fat icons.

Looks like a bug:

It is a bug. The next release should work fine again. You can fix it in the meantime by editing the grasshopper xml settings file by hand. Instructions in the link provided by nzuelzke above.