Icon Library doesn't resize/scroll

We use the “Create User Object” function a lot for creating and saving our own components. To be able to find them again quickly and just for visual clarity we like to give them icons too. For that the Icon Library comes in really handy, which simply gives you all the icons of all components in GH. Once you have a bunch of plugins installed that list gets really long though. In fact it gets so long that a lot of icons are cut off by the screen (even on 30 inch monitors) and the list is not scrollable or searchable. Also it doesn’t seem to follow any logical sorting which makes it really hard to find a certain icon to reuse.


So it would be great if the list was a) scrollable and b) searchable by name (which it already shows on hover). Also it would be nice if they were sorted alphabetically or even better in the order they appear in the tabs in Grasshopper.

I know its not a major issue, but knowing David Rutten, I know he values good UI and usability even for those small and relatively hidden functionalities.


I second this.


Hi there. I agree with you. Order and searchability would be awesome.

Also I experience something else. When I create a custom image for my clusters and export them, I cannot see the images when I import them the next time. Does this happen to you also?

Maybe something like this?

FWIW the component reference has all the icons to the correct size (24x24 pixels). You can just download the icon image you want and drag / drop it onto your cluster. https://rhino.github.io/