Icon issues

I’m having an issue when using icons in the wip.

When clicking on an icon which has a sub-menu ‘underneath’ it (see pic below), it always pops the menu up and I have to click again on the icon that is displayed as the default icon in order to get the command to activate.

In v7 a single click would activate the command on the icon and then a longer ‘held’ click would bring the menu up. I find this to be a much quicker way of working, where as the wip behaviour just seems to waste my precious time!

Is there a setting I’m missing to change this behaviour to match v7 instead?

Hi Rob,

So you are saying that a normal click (so not on the triangle) opens the popup, am I reading that correctly? I don’t see that behavior, here it seems to work identical to V7

Thanks for the reply Gijs, yes, you understand correctly!

That’s odd then… maybe I should do a complete uninstall/reinstall of the wip?

I’ll give that a try and report back.

no reinstall, try to do a repair first

Doh! Too late, did the reinstall and nothing changed.

Then did the repair, but still nothing changed!

I must be stuck in my own personal hell… :scream:

that’s odd, pls send your _Systeminfo

Hi @mcvltd,

Has this setting been changed?

Try tweaking it.



Ah ha! Thanks @jeremy5

For some reason my wip setting was 20! I changed it to 400 and it’s now exactly as expected. :+1:

Thanks to both of you for the help!

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