I wrote my cover letter in Rhino


that’s freaking awesome!

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Thats good idea! :smiley:

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This is so fresh. I wish we received a cover letter like this. And also wish we could hire.

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Just a suggestion, it might help future employers to see some images of the work you have done in your cover letter, best of luck

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@wsmith.educationlab, thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated. I thought about incorporating more than a sprinkle of my own work in this document but ended up holding off because, like most cover letters, it will be transmitted along with a separate “sample works” document. I am currently working to convert the accompanying sample work booklet to fit with the zine aesthetic.

Hi Ryan,

Really cool, awesome idea. This remembers me Bjarke Ingles “Yes Is More”.

May be in future I will be adapting similar idea. In addition to rhino I would like to use grasshopper too in that.


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I hadn’t thought of this one. There are a ton of designers using sequential art to convey their ideas. One of my inspirations for this was Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.


This sounds like a a worthy challenge. Good luck!

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