I would like to now how the fillet edge (of a solid) component works



In the latest version of Grasshopper (at least), there is a component for filleting edges of a solid. I haven’t been able to get it to work, so I was hoping one of you could show an explain its function.

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GH Fillets, Rounds, Edge Blends, Radius, and Chamfer

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The trick is you have to provide a list of integers that identify specific edges. You can generate these integers either by hand (as @HS_Kim did) or you can use one of the many edge-index-components that sit next to the fillet edge component to create these integers. The various components all provide different way to ‘select’ certain edges.



Per usual, you have gone above and beyond my expectations. I was struggling finding the correct format for plugging in the edges.

Thank you!


These components are found only in Rhino 6 ?
“Convex edges” and “Fillet edge”


Yes, they are…