I wish there was an entry-level CAM solution for Rhino3D

That “less than a minute” (55 seconds) was only for a simple square. I first tried a set of scaled voronoi curves to compare speed with bark beetle, and after 10 minutes of waiting I shut down rhino as it wasn’t responding.

Edit: for comparison, this is 3,5 seconds using bark beetle:

The whole definition is made using only standard grasshopper components and perhaps 1 or 2 python scripts. I guess this could be optimized more using C# or Python but neither of us is properly skilled at that.

I believe bits, drills, material and cutters cost less than computer time + your time waiting behind the computer.

Then you might also be interested in this: GitHub - fellesverkstedet/fabricatable-machines: Motion systems for flexible digital fabrication and research. Easy to fabricate and customize. Documentation: https://github.com/fellesverkstedet/fabricatable-machines/wiki.

Do you mean like Human UI?

In Bark Beetle there’s a trochoidal milling function which generates a toolpath optimal for cutting soft metal in an efficient way. Here’s a video showing this process in soft steel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i61cy7aAi8A
In fusion there’s the adaptive clearing which is also quite useful for making deeper cuts in one go.