I want to set up a macro for home/default view

Other 3d packages have a very quick shortcut to return to the default/homeview, and of you hit the 4view macro twice, it returns all viewports to their default view. Is there a command I could push to the command line/attach to a keyboard shortcut such that I could switch to the default view on a per-viewport/on-active-viewport quickly?

To go from a single viewport to multiple viewports double clicking on the viewport name in the upper right corner of the viewport.

To go from multiple viewports to a single viewport double click on the viewport name in the upper right corner of the viewport you want displayed.

Information about navigating in viewports is available at http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/usersguide/en-us/index.htm

Hi Daniel - to return to the four-viewport default set up, use the 4View command twice in a row.

For any particular view, a macro with

_SetView _World Top/Perspective/Front etc

will do it. See also the SetView toolbar.


If I understand the OP correctly, he will have to save the ‘home’ views as Named View - for example Top-Home, Right-Home, Front-Home, etc - and either assign reinstatement of those to buttons or a keyboard shortcut.

Hey Pascal

I’m familiar with the 4View command, I was concerned with the behaviour of the second time the 4View command is used. It returns all views to their default viewing angle. Is there a way to create a macro that would return just the active window to its original viewing angle.

For instance, the perspective view by default, is framed in on the world CPlane
So you might pan around, orbit, etc. And then want to return to the above default perspective view.
Could you set a macro to do that?

Hi Daniel - yes, the

_SetView _World _Perspective

macro will do that. For other basic, built-in, views substitute “Top” or “Front” or “Right” for “Perspective”. Does that do it? It would be possible , I think, to make a script that looks for the viewport name and restores the view to the default if it finds one that is one of these or a named view. That might not be a bad tool to have, I’ll poke at it a bit.


Does that do it on your end?
If I zoom and pan in the top view, calling “Top” in the active top view (which, I assume, is exactly the same as _SetView _World _Top) doesn’t change the view at all. Perspective, in that respect, is different. It appears to restore a factor-default view - but not the same ‘home’ view as the one that the perspective view is set to when calling the 4view command twice in a row. Weird…

Hi Wim - You are correct - it may need a reset to Top Cplane and Plan and then revert the CPlane (if desired) to work as Daniel wants.
Or nearly. It does not set the zoom… more to this than I thought, eh?


Yeah I’m seeing the same behaviours as above. Will assign a macro for perspective, had a feeling it might be a bit of a task though.