I want to place a straight line on a point group within a certain range

This is a continuation of my question the other day.

The content of the other day’s question has made great progress in me, and has hit a new wall.

I would like to connect points within a fixed distance (fixed range) with a straight line to the point cloud arranged along the outer periphery of the specified object, and I want that line to be projected along the surface. Does anyone have a solution?

I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand. Please help me.

Addendum: For example, is it possible to connect a line with a point within a radius of 10 mm from each point in the point cloud?

20200713 voronoi Q.gh (34.2 KB)
20200711 HAKO 0.3dm (209.9 KB)

Could you not use proximity 3D to connect the lines? It has options for min and max distance as well as number of connections.

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I have a hard time understanding what you want to achieve AND
there is an empty brep component (the orange component in the printscreen: internalise it’s content).
I can guess that the polysurface should be enclosed by the voronoi cells, but I don’t know for sure. This is what I get at the moment.

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Thank you, the reply was delayed.
I tried it and got good results! Thank you very much.

Thank you for your reply.
Although it is an empty brep component, I applied the model of the attached 3dm file, but it seems that the connection was broken.