I want to pick n choose one of two kind of plane styles

(Wonseok915) #1

Hi every one.
I made several plane on the curve also flip style
So I want to Pick n choose one of them
but only one plane result is shown.
what is wrong
Thank you.

Picknchoose.gh (7.6 KB)


I dont really get what you want to do. But there is just one plane shown, cause you fed one true value in the pattern input instead of a sequence.

(Wonseok915) #3

I added a description
Thank you

Re-Picknchoose.gh (17.4 KB)

(Daniel Benthaus) #4

I know two possibilities: Either graft the input of P’n’C or use StreamFilter
Re-Picknchoose_re.gh (18.8 KB)

(Wonseok915) #5

It’s works very well
Thank you so much