I need to move and scale annotations and dimensions added in Layout mode detail inactive

Not seen how to do this in any tutorials unless I missed it, I have added some dimensions in white for clarity over my shaded mode detail view with detail inactive, so they are existing in Layout mode only.
I have then made a copy of this layout to create 1:1 plans of 2 items within it.
Scaling the detail from 1:2 to 1:1 sees the white coloured text block, leader and dims, get left behind and remain at 1:2 scale.

I group them then select edge of inactive Detail box and they vanish, I group them to it anyway, with box inactive I alter scale to to 1:1 then ungroup to see them again but they have remained placed as before.

If I activate the Detail they reappear. BUT ARE NOT SELECTABLE for grouping to it, as to be expected.

How does one scale them along with the detail view ?


Hi Steve - if you create your dims with History on, snapping to points inside the detail, they should keep up - updating is not always instant, you may need to active the detail.


Hi Pascal,
So for the existing dims I have had it then, but for any future ones then turn history on before making them. That will mean History on from moment the Layout is started to the moment I save and close the project file,
Should that also be running as I go back and forth to model then layout as I do whilst creating objects to suit the layout ? Some might see layout as the final step when all else is done, but I am editing model, creating custom sections, updating content, throughout the entire process.
reprinting next day as I spot errors or additions needed etc.
I never use history normally as I used to find it had turned itself off.

I scaled the dims 2.0 , activate 'record history, I move the dims to meet up again. I then see history has deactivated itself, I pan the object upwards and the dims stay behind.


Hi Steve - History recording needs to be on when a dimension is created if you want it to update. If that is set up, there is no more need to mess with History in dealing with that dimension, unless you want to remove the history (HistoryPurge).


so it wont work on positioning an existing dimension as such ?
Some of the dims have text added by typing after the <>, sometimes I space bar before the <> to move the numver/text away from clashing. What of those ?
Does it only work on dims or also leaders and text blocks if they are created as the same time ?

I have currently grouped the annotations, scaled them then re-site them en masse, ungroup, and job done.

If I had gone from 1:1 to 1:2 though I would then have to resize them as they would be too small to read.
Is there a resizing option keeping their readability ?