I need to find a way to match mesh faces from their original state to their unrolled state

Me again…

I created a triangulated mesh which had its triangles scaled depending on an attractor curve. I used Ivy to unroll the mesh in various pieces, but I didn’t have Ivy analyze the scaled triangles because I cannot figure out how to perform this correctly.

I wish to match-up the scaled triangles on the original mesh with their corresponding unrolled mesh face. One way I think this can be done is by analyzing the area of each mesh face and matching them based on area. I think this will work because no two areas of each mesh face are the same.

The flow would be something like this…
Find area of mesh face on original mesh > See if it has a scaled triangle on it > Find corresponding mesh face with matching area > Apply scaled triangle to unrolled mesh face

Perhaps there is a better way to find the corresponding mesh faces other than looking at the area.

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