I need to enter license and validation code every time I open Rhino 7

I just downloaded Rhino 7 for Windows Evaluation, and has gotten the License code & Validation code.
However, each time I open Rhino 7, the Licensing Panel comes out, and I have to repeat the same process of entering license and validation code.

As I know, the validation code will expire in 24 hours, and I will probably not able to Open Rhino 7 by then.

Please provide help, thank you.

Windows 11? UAC may be interfering, try installing as administrator, it sounds like the license file isn’t saving.

Yes Windows 11.
Do you mean installing Rhino 7 as administrator or?

Could this be the problem? As I need to click on ‘get validation code manually’ on this panel, and repeat the process I mentioned.

You are being blocked by a firewall or UAC.

Rhino needs to communicate to the sites above.

Understood. How do I solve this, can I get some directions on how to install it as administrator?

Right Click on the installer and there should be an option for Install as Administrator. How to run an app as an administrator on Windows 11

Hi, I have set Rhino 7 app to run as administrator, but the problem remains the same. Any advice on how to move on with this issue.

There seem to be something blocking your validation (firewall?) Lets remove the offline validation and add the license to your Rhino account.

First remove the standalone
Then add to your cloud zoo