I need to "divide" a cylinder in order to mesh it with more detail


I need to refine the meshing of a cylinder and one way of accomplishing this is by having several sections of the cylinder along its longitudinal direction. I know there is a tool for this, but I don’t remember it, can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Miguel,

You can use ExtractSrf if the cylinder is a solid to isolate just the curved surface. Then use Split with the isocurve option in the command line to split along U or V. Finally join it all back together with Join and the render mesh will be denser across the new seams. You could also make a custom render mesh setting or (custom mesh setting if you are creating a mesh from a surface). Post a file if I’ve misunderstood please.

If your cylinder is meshed with mesh faces that span the length of the cylinder, this is because the cylinder is an extrusion. If you use the ConvertExtrusion command on the cylinder, it is converted from an extrusion to a “real” surface. This can be meshed properly.

For more details see

Thank you very much, BrianJ and menno. It’s exactly what I need.