I need help with text effects

For sure if you are a beginner it is not so easy but here most of the work is already done.

So put your letter as surface/brep on XY plane (front View)
Right click on Brep component and select the multiple surface

And it must work. Except perhaps the Thickness that you’ll have to adjust.

Here a version more simple for you ! Just put your curves. It must work without any change if you use your file posted here.

split text and extrude it For Iphonex .gh (35.3 KB)

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A question could lead to others paths
Here I made a general cutter for a mesh.
From a mesh, a plane and an angle


Next step implement the straight link. Then multiple cuts with many planes
Poor Bunny!

I added some components to my plugin Nautilus. One to Output text as curve surface and brep. One to find a plane inside an object and one to make the deformation

A Font component outputs all the fonts available

A Text component outputs text as curve, surface or brep depending on a plane, text size, bold, italics, spacing, small cap size. I omitted underline strike through and justification.