I need help with pattern repetition and after that 3d printing

Hi all, I need help with this file. I want to use the gradient pattern and repeat it several times in the y direction (similar to what extrusion in other programs will look like). Later i want to extract the points of it to be able to 3d print the whole final result. Anyone knows how to do it? I have try a series and it divides the curves instead of moving the whole one. The thing i want to achieved is sketched in the photo.

I attached the file
patron cattail.gh (19.7 KB)

Can not understand your description.

I want to repeat that whole design in the y direction

As i want to look it like if it was extruded so i can take the points for later 3d print it. For that i only thought of doing a series of moving the whole pattern but when i use it, it splits it.
So my aim is to repeat that pattern in the y direction and then obtain the points from it to put it in the 3d printer.