I need help with MpanelPro plug in for Rhino


any help is appreciated. I just started using Mpanel for this tipe of asigment,so I dont know how to properly set relaxsation of mesh for wanting shape.It is marine cover material hard and heavy.So if anyone here has a experiance in using Mpanel I would like to ask few questions. It is a simple boat hayper with one fixed side.This is how mesh is supose to look(wantid shape) but Im not sure is the mesh properly relaxed for paneling.Also I cant figure how to set Mpanel for relaxig every side exept one that is fixed? Thank you! BSun hayper.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi - you might need to contact the developer of MPanel with your questions.
Contact Technical Support – MPanel Software Solutions

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Thank you,I will try again to contact them .