I need help with hardware for rhino 5

Hi everybody !
I’m a new member, Can anyone help me with this problem?
My PC opened 5 rhino files, the CPU and GPU only ran at 15 to 20% but the machine responded very slowly
The hardware I use
Intel Xeon CPU 2620 V4
Nvidia Quadro P4000 GPU
Main Asus Z10PA-D8C
16GB Ram ECC
I have attached the drawing below. Can anyone tell me if the hardware configuration can run this file well?
Thank you !

Hi, Rhino is mainly using a single core so the cpu will rarely show more than 20% use.
(The cpu will automatically swap what core it uses to even out the heat distribution and wear, that’s why it looks like all cores are running at 20%)
And try the v6 demo of Rhino, it’s more optimized for faster hardware.

Thanks Holo

Do you have a hardware configuration for your reference?