I need help creating details of a slinky toy following an arch

I am having problem with orientation of the slinky cross section on the rail revolution. The cross section of the arched slinky reveals that the orientation of the cross section does not properly follow frames perpendicular with arch.


03 Slinky.gh (70.8 KB)

I added the white group to the slinky model in my previous post.

slinky_2021Jan18b.gh (18.4 KB)

I’ve never seen or used RailRev.

This looks really good. Interesting solution to develop the individual rectangles and then sweep them on the rail. I believe you solved my problem. Thank you for your help.


On my original model I added another rail at a slightly smaller radius and used the Sweep2 command.
Using Sweep2 with both rails, the rectangles behaved properly and stayed perpendicular to the rails.

Using two rails (Sweep 2), you can likely get away with only one rectangular section at their start points.

Here is another approach using Point Polar, Sweep2 and just one rectangular section.

slinky_2021Jan19a.gh (20.8 KB)