I need beginner level tasks

I’m new to scripting and I would like to know some beginner level tasks. I want to integrate this in my app.
I’m creating an android version of the iOS app Document Writer. I want to implement the PDF view, document editing and spreadsheet editing. Can someone help me where to start?

Hopefully those beginner tasks can help me in making the other modules of the app.

Hi @iffatak1,

I am confused. What does this have to with Rhino?

– Dale

I read that its used for design, prototyping and analyzing. My colleague mentioned it, I searched for awhile then posted here.
Was I guided wrongly?

Probably. You might visit here - https://www.rhino3d.com/ - and see if this was what you were looking for…

– Dale

That’s for models of physical objects: jewelry, tools, cars, boats, buildings. Not software.

I think you have the wrong Rhino?

Thanks! I’ll check it out.
Other than that can you help me with a prototyping and designing tool of app?

Oh I had no idea. I just believed my colleague blindfolded. Thanks much for correcting me.