I miss Neon



I mean I still use it as part of any rendering task but obviously there isn’t going to be a V6 version. I just tried to see if I could switch to Cycles, but not just yet, buggy and incomplete as Neon still is. The complete lack of a low-quality dynamic display during rotation is a showstopper for trying to use it as an actual “working” view, even if it’s somewhat faster to render than CPU-only neon(at my old job I was able to get a Caustic board, which was awesome…maybe I should try to get it from them I wonder if the Win7 driver would work on 10?)

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Hi All

I wholeheartedly concur! For now I’m stuck with a slightly dated workstation at work - a Quadro 4000 card on a Xeon E5-2620 CPU - and Cycles (as a realtime renderer in the viewport) is just not cutting it in terms of speed, ease of use or quality compared to Neon. I guess there’s still some optimizing to do, but for now I’m shying away from the WIP for that reason.


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james, my cycles here defaults to bounding boxes when rotating and as such rotates quickly. Are you not seeing that with your set up?

I’m using a quadro 6000 and its pretty snappy…I had neon and a caustic board too, and I don’t miss it with the current cycles set up-


What’s the story with Neon for Rhino 6? If I buy Rhino 6, will I miss Neon too? It’s worked well for me for ~4 years. MUCH FASTER than the standard Rhino render and images look way better too, though maybe it’s just easier to use? Waiting 2.5 hours for a decent render instead of a few minutes in Neon won’t be fixed by buying new hardware! Looking here:


Maybe there is a standard “preview” mode now that is really fast and good? Oh yeah, I see… Looks cool!

New and improved [R6] viewport display modes produce stunning high-resolution output images at interactive frame-rates.

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No Neon for V6

I don’t think so. Rendered and Raytraced mode probably will get you pretty far, as you already may have noticed from the what’s new page.

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