I like this message


Should people be shamed and ostracized for adding information to their original post?

In this thread, you have 50% of the posts; you had 100% of them : )

Bit of a leap from “are you sure” to shaming and ostracising…

I suspect that message doesn’t cut in unless there have been a fair number of replies, otherwise the percentages would be too coarse.

I’m sure that’s the case, that message happened after about maybe 75 posts or so. And only once, even though the thread continues.

The reason for my reaction to this is simply the kind of automatic “thought police” feeling that this engenders. This message may indeed be good in some public forums where discussions might get out of hand, but here in this particular forum, I somehow take offense at the implication that we are not able to manage this as human beings and that we need to be admonished by a robot… :space_invader:


Resistance is futile.



another… if you want to talk about old stuff, reword it and make it sound new :smile: