I have to enter my license key every time

I just downloaded and installed Rhino Mac 5.0.1 (5A858)

I was a bit surprised that I was asked to enter my license key again, since I had not been asked that for a long time. In fact, I only had to enter it once when I was first given a license code. I figured something was new, because it was now called 5.0.1 instead of something like 5A857 or just 5A858. So, enter my key one more time, no big deal.

However, I now have to enter my name, organization and license key EVERY SINGLE TIME I WANT TO OPEN RHINO!

When Rhino starts to open the splash screen says “Getting license from license manager” (which obviously does not work), which is then immediately overlayed with a window that says “Your license will expire in 49 days”, and then gives me four buttons to choose from.

Why is this happening? I am beginning to find this very annoying.

If you open up preferences>licenses in Rhino (cmd + ,), what does it say for your license there? Please email a screenshot of this page to tech@mcneel.com and reference this thread so you don’t have to repeat yourself. We may need more info about your license that shouldn’t be publicly posted.

What faced with this screen with four buttons, what happens when you click Continue (the bottom button)?

Life is good! :smile:

Having said that, this was not an obvious choice, since previously after having entered my license code the first time, the program just opened every time without seeing a similar screen. I never even considered clicking “Continue”.

We agree. We have a fix in the works. We’re hoping to release it in an update soon.

Turns out, life is not quite that good.

After clicking “Continue” and either starting a new model or opening a previous one I get this window:

When I click "Continue:, I get this:

So I fill in the blanks, and after a bit I get this (key blacked out for obvious reasons):

Ah, that’s a separate problem.

@brian Can you take a look?