I have Null problems in grasshopper! Creating a domed surface

Hello please can someone help me !
I am driving myself crazy with something that I am sure is actually very simple.
I am trying to dome a surface with a non constant radius (See image) in grasshopper.
I have attached th .gh file and internalised the shape.
I have 3 issues, trying to deal with nulls in my equation, getting all the UV points raised proportionally and last rebuilding the surface with the new points.
Ideally I would like to do it all with vannila grasshopper.

I have tried to make the file as neat as possible. thank you

RaiseSurfacePoint.gh (20.0 KB)

Not possible. You can not construct a surface that way.

Hi again @Quan_Li
No wonder I have been struggling!
I managed to do it with patch using arc from the edges that meet up at the raised center point, but it didnt look great.
How would you suggest doing it @Quan_Li ?

Many solutions, therefore depend on what you do next, or what type of geometry you need for the next.

I took some shortcuts… Disabled some components, added a few including Graph Mapper to smooth the dome… Ignored the curve as far as moving points but projected it to the new surface to split it. It often makes sense to flatten the input to Bounds, which I did.

RaiseSurfacePoint_2023_Aug13a.gh (32.9 KB)

I am tessellating it all. I it trying to do something like this image except I’m projecting it onto a curved airspace. I have managed to do it all it 2D and got stuck on the dome bit.
So I suppose the 2D to 3D part is probably better to do in Kangaroo. But I am a bit of a kangaroo novice.
It’s important to get the actual shape because I intend to cut it on my laser cutter and score and tab it.


Many thanks @Joseph_Oster I’m very to see your solution. I’ve been struggling for 2 days on just this bit.

Thanks for this. So many little nuggets - I did not know you could sort 1-0 instead of 0-1 in mapper have seen the reverse. So essentially remap the distance Center and run through graph for the roundness then remap based on moved point. And rebuild allways adding 1. Great thanks again. Ps I love El sort!