I have multiple lines connected. How can I just fillet coners, but not crosses?

Hello everyone,

I have multiple lines connected, building coners and crosses. I used fillet component and want to fillet only the conners, but the crosses (indicated by red circles) are also filleted. The simplest way is to choose by hand the coners out then do the fillet, but if there are too many lines, it is too time cosuming.
Is there any auto way to choose the coners to do fillet?
Thanks in advance!

corners.gh (27.0 KB)


you will need Sandbox for this…

corners_RE.gh (33.9 KB)


Looks so cool!
Thank you so much, Jakinta! I am downloading sandbox and will have a try then let you know :slight_smile: .

It works so well, Jakinta!! Although I can’t well understand the code now…
Thanks again for your kind help!

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Hi Jakinta,

Here is another question, asking for your kindness again.

My final aim is to sweep a surface with rectangle section along the curves. And the surface has an orientation (kind of around a cylindar, and perpendicular to the axis). I have the code for the sweep (originally from another kind help). But if I use the joined curves from your code, there are errors. If I don’t join the curves, the sweep surface has many gaps (circle 2), and the orientation is wrong at many parts (circle 1). Could you please give me some clues to handle these issues?

Thank you so much again!

conors-sweep.gh (49.2 KB)

IMO that is not possible with your curves.

Thanks, Jakinta!