I have much procedure with this script. seek help

kaffee skript .gh (26.4 KB)

I’m happy with the script so far. I just wanted to distort the width of the obnow below. I read in forums that should work with “construct domain”. but I have no idea where to put the component in the script.

I am thankful for every help.

Can you clarify that please? What does “the obnow below” mean? The code looks like it’s working remarkably well, despite this message when opening the file:


I just want to distort part of the serious body so I have more space. but I don’t know where I can use the component so that it works.


What does “serious body” mean? This new image in your second post doesn’t resemble at all what the code is producing.

what is shown in the picture is exactly what i want to create in my model.
the picture is from a tutorial, but the way he creates it in the tutorial doesn’t work for me.

I have no clue what you want.