I got into trouble at Rhino

Do not execute commands like Delete or moving
For example, I’m filming

Hello - turn off History recording if you do not actually want History for an operation. As you can see it leads to unintended consequences. HistoryPurge will help if you have recorded history you no longer need.


@pascal, that doesn’t seem right to me regardless of the history. it’s mass selection, it’s not that he forgot to select something all these curves are related to. That’s a bug to me.

Hello - if LockChildren is set then the results shown are expected for objects with History. Only the original object in the polar array is moved, regardless of the selection, and the children are updated.


Ok, I don’t fully understand RhinoHistory, but since it’s one (or a few) steps before GH was implemented it should be acting like a parametric modeling tool.

If there’s a point and circle is associated to that point, then there’s another circle which center is lying on the curve of the first circle, then there’s an array of objects linked to the second circle. Moving just the point should move all objects.

What I see above is too weird and counter intuitive to my understanding of, and experience with parametric modeling.

Seems to me this requires a fix. Unless RhinoHistory is rendered an obsolete feature now that GH exists.

Update: btw I remember a few more similar issues were reported about dragging multiple objects not only Rhino5 but also 6

Update 2:
Unless the array is not created from the center point of the circle upwards, but in fact the Z axis is used. Then the behavior should be indeed expected.:sweat_smile:


Yep - History is not parametric modeling.



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