I get overlapping geometry when orienting on a divided line


I’m new to grasshopper this is my first attempt at building a parametric model from scratch. In doing so I’m running into some issues.

What I’m trying to model:

I’ve started by dividing lines by dividing the width of the wall with the width of a shingle to get the number of points on the line to orient the shingles to. I thought this would give me a line with the shingles placed in their new positions, next to eachother with zero spacing between them, but I get overlapping geometry:

This happens when the length of the line and the width of the shingle is dividable in whole numbers too (for example; if the line is 1500mm and the shingle 150mm wide).

Does anyone have time to take a look at my script to see what I’m doing wrong?
Top script with annotation in norwegian, bottom one in english attached.
spon-felt.gh (28.2 KB)

Fyi I have used the “unweave” component from treesloth in the script, which lets me divide a list of curves into two lists with every second line in each. (List one; 0, 2, 4, 6 ect… and List 2; 1, 3, 5 etc…). This is because I want to shift the points 0,5 shingle width on every second lines to make the shingles overlap. If someone can’t open my script because of this, plase could you give me some advice on how to achieve this without the unweave component? Thanks!

Hope this made sense somehow, English isn’t my first language. :slight_smile:

Hei Julie -

Your Grasshopper includes components from a plug-in that I don’t run:

If you can turn the wall into a quad mesh with the sizes you need, the MorphToMesh component might be a way out?

Morph2Mesh.gh (6.8 KB)