I don't think I understand flow along surface

I am a beginner and so I’m still learning. One thing I’ve run into is that I don’t think I understand what’s going on when I try to use Flow along surface. I will try to post screenshots when I get back to the computer that I"m doing it on.

I’m trying to make a piece of armor, basically a fancy shin guard. I have the shape of the leg (with a little flare that I want the shin guard to take at the bottom) as a surface, and then the shape of the shin guard on another surface. My plan was t flow the shape of the shinguard onto the leg surface and then start exctruding the surfaces and go from there. But when I do that its not doing what I thought it would.

There could be a much better way to do what I want to do too, I just don’t know it yet. So if you know it I would be grateful if you let me know.

So far I’ve been doing everything based off of youtube videos and self teaching and experimenting. I think the time has come where I try to take a class or something to learn how to 3d model and use 3d modeling tools. If you know of good ones, I’d like to know of them so I can sign up, even if they cost some money.

I’ll post screenshots in just a few minutes.

This is a picture that shows all three items:

The leg with the flare at the bottom, the object I want to put onto the leg, and the result when I currently try it.

In the picture the bottom part of the surface is cut from the rest because I was trying to see if that was the problem, but the same result happens even when it is all uncut.

Any ideas?

The _FlowAlongSrf command basically maps the curve from the original surface to the new surface - you can imagine the rectangular surface you modeled the curve on as being stretched around your “leg”.

In this case I think the _Project command may be the better choice for what you want to do. However it might help if you submit your model as well.

Hi Nathan - I’m not sure what you mean, quite, here - I think, maybe, you want to trim a shape from the leg-shaped thing? Can you post an image of what you’re after and the Rhino file with what you’ve got?


Sorry for the late replies. I try to log into my account on other computers and it says my account is temporarily locked. But it looks like I can still reply here since my session is still open.

Anyways, thank you for the responses. I tried to do the project method but since I need part of the shin guard right on the side, I’m not sure how to do it.

I don’t really have a source image, I’m just taking a bunch of reference images and making my own. But here is the file of what I have. I am only going to do half of the shin guard and then when its all done, mirror it at the end. That is why there is only half a leg there. The flat at the bottom is on purpose to flare out the shin guard as the ankle.

Thank you for your help with this. I am still learning and am currently watching videos and tutorials as I try to figure this out. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Here is a picture of a drawing of what I’m trying to do:
imageHelpFile1.3dm (168.3 KB)