I don't know what command use to achieve this

I am trying to model a cap of a bottle, and I would like to cut along the red line, but I am not able to do it successfully. What function do you suggest to use? I can’t think of how to do it. Thank you!!

Hi @franciscoferrario

There are many ways…

One way is to Ribbon the curve. Options : BothSides and ThroughPoint

Then Use BooleanDifference - Keep Solid, subtract Ribbon Srf
… check the direction of the Ribbon Srf ( down in my case to keep bottom
Use Dir command and Flip option if needed.

Or Extrude the Ribbon Srf Up. Option Solid
Then Use BooleanDifference - Keep Solid, Subtract the Extruded Ribbon

Hope this help

Rodolfo Santos

The Fin command is an alternative to Ribbon which may be useful in some similar situations.

Oh! great Rodolfo, I didn’t know those commands, I’m going to try it !! Thanks for the detailed explanation!

I did not know that function either !!! Thank you very much!!!