I can't start Rhino 7 on my Asus Strix Z690-E Gaming Wifi

My desktop computer Hardware have specifications below:

  1. Mother Board: ASUS Strix Z690-E Gaming Wifi
  3. OS Windows 11 Pro install with Latest Update on M.2 ADAT LEGEND 960 1T
    I had installed rhino 7 on my computer completed successfully without any error but when I open the program it’s come up with error by just show me a few second and then close by itself.
    Note: I’m a very first use for this and I had to test installing with another Computer Dell OptiPlex 3080 Core i5 RAM 16GB GPU: AMD Radeon ™ R7 350. it can open normal with the same OS Windows 11 Pro and Lasted windows update.
    So, please any suggests how to fix this?

Hi Vanny -

Please hit the Print Scrn key on the keyboard at that point and post the image of that error here.

Does Rhino launch in safe mode?

OK, I will screen short here when i’m back home.

Can’t start it’s the same showing on safe mode.

Please see on the videos

It might help if your version of Rhino was legitimate.


I don’t know which the error is came from, so after I reinstall new Windows 11 Pro now, I can install Rhino 7 and start opening this program working normally.
=> And I will post feedback if this happening again which the error came from.

Probably not, he’s running a crack…


judging by the desktop screenshot, he’s even running ms office cracked. a legal license for that is just 60 bucks a year. i don’t get why one can spend money for expensive hardware but decides not to pay for the software. downloading executables from shady sources to get a key generated just to save a few bucks is probably a pretty safe way to catch a virus.

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