I can't select objects in Layout

I have a strange situation. I created some geometry and when I switch to Layout mode and I want to select an object, I simply can’t and I don’t understand the reason. I’m using the latest Rhino build for Windows10.

Please, can somebody check if can reproduce this behaviour?

Cant_select_objects_in_Layout.3dm (259.6 KB)

Hi Macuso,

I was experiencing the same issue today.
After a shutdown Rhino asked to install an update and the issue is gone now.

I’m running:
Rhino 6 SR16 2019-6-25 (Rhino 6, 6.16.19176.15451, Git hash:master @ acb56df4be1a3a80ed6e48097a864a002e5cd136)

You might need to set update frequency to “Service Release Candidate” to get this build


Hi Willem.

I just updated today the Rhino and now seems to work again.

As a quick workaround, I found yesterday that in Layout mode I can select geometry by layers, so I put the different geometries in different layers, this way I was able to finish the project I was working on. Basically I needed to apply per individual objects different visibility degrees in different layouts.

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Hi Macuso - I checked your file yesterday and did see that I wasn’t able to select geometry from the detail. When I went to the model space, though, and made a NamedView there and then used that view in the detail, I could select objects without problems. So, to me, this is more of a problem with the camera position somehow but I couldn’t find anything unusual there (yet). Even if I were to find something wrong with the position or target or so, that wouldn’t help unless we knew how it got in that state.

So, if you are able to get a detail on a layout into a state where you no longer can select geometry, please let us know!

Ok, certainly I will reply back if happens again.

Can be a camera issue, because from certain angle I was able to select some of the geometries, but not all of them.