I can't see maps in viewport

Hi everyone!

I’m facing some trouble with my viewport.

I’m using rhinoceros 5.0 64bits with Vray 1.5 and when I apply a .vismat material on my objects these ones aren’t displayed in the viewport. (My .vismats work on an older version of rhino)
They are correctly rendered with Vray, and I tried the things below without success :
-rendering, with the older version of rhino rendering the model with the material was enough to show it in the viewport
-changing the views : rendering, perspective, artistic…
-close and reopen the file
-trying every mapping available…
-editing UV with “material” check : the object is grey, but when I check “texture”(mapping I think in the english version) that one is shown properly… I think the trouble comes from here, it seems the texture of my material can’t upload in the viewport…

So if you guy have some new idea to help…

thank all…

Hi dorian, if you know the map location, testwise try to assign it using drag & drop to a dummy object. If the map is not displayed in rendered display mode, you might post it here so the developers can take a look.

If the assignment using drag and drop works, you might add the location (the path to the folder) of the texture map under:

Rhino Options / Files / Search Paths / File Search Paths

Then use the command RefreshAllTextures. Any better ?