I can't see drawings since Mac OS VENTURA: OK NOW

since the Mac OS Ventura installed on Mac INTEL, I can’t see drawings when I draw them for a new project.

For the old projects I see awful lines…amazing!
systeminforhino.txt (5.6 KB)

that looks like open gl is going down the drain completely, i assume mcneel is not going to do much about it anymore, either get a new mac and run the wip, or downgrade your system…

Mac OS ventura is ok since yesterday on my Mac. I worked this morning with rhino without any problems. I open a new document to began a new project and …problem ??? :crossed_fingers:t2:

I restart twice Mac and it’s seem to be OK. It’s the first time…:slightly_frowning_face:

hm… i really dont know i will stay clear of any new system for now till i upgrade, but open gl is depreciated so it probably is going to stop functioning eventually. it also is not getting much support on apple silica and mcneel is not going to invest in it from v8 onwards… so whatever that bug was, brace yourself for more from where that came from.

thinking about it there was such a bug already where geometry disappeared after drawing when one of the recent systems got introduced… i am not fully certain now, maybe @stevebaer knows something