I Cant Install Rhino 4.0 SR3..please help

I have Rhino 4 SR3 Installation CD. But due to some scratches, the CD is not working properly. I already tried to install SR9 but it asked me to insert my actual SR3 CD first. Since i cant install it from my CD, can i download Rhino 4.0 SR3 instead? Please help…

Why not downloading last Rhino4 ?

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Thanks Alan… i just done it but unfortunately after downloaded and run the startup, i only can see small rhino icon on my window taskbar. Nothing happened when i click to open it but when i right click my mouse, it only show ‘close window’. What is that means? is it something wrong with my desktop security or my rhino license key? appreciate your reply… thanks

If you go into the Task manager, do you see that Rhino is running? If so, can you start Rhino in Safety Mode? Have you had Rhino running on that PC before?

Hi zam- there are a few systems that, for some reason, object to the .png file format that we use in the installation screen, and therefor cannot show the installer properly. If this is the case here, the workaround is:

  • Download the 7Zip application and install on your system.
  • Right click on Rhino 4 installer file.
  • From the menu, select “7-Zip” and Expand.
  • Select file location to expand contents to and remember it.
  • Browse to this folder and look for the Rhinoceros subfolder.
  • Look for Rhino4_Setup.msi. Double-click to run this file to install V4.

Any luck?


Hi wim, it’s not running at all. Actually i had installed Rhino 5 evaluation on this PC before but already uninstall it.

Yes, I obviously misunderstood how far you had gotten. Did you try what Pascal suggested?

I had a similar problem when I had misplaced my RH-4 CD when attempting to install my RH-5 “UPGRADE”.

The problem arises when the installation process seeks authorization based on your license type, requiring the validation CD to proceed with the installation of the UPGRADE based on the UPGRADE type license (as opposed to a full-purchase license). This is a perfectly VALID restriction in the License Validation Process.

If you can document full legal purchase of a VALID RHINO LICENSE, you MAY be able to persuade McNeel to give you a special license code matched to YOUR legal license, which would allow you to successfully install your RH-4/sr-9. That would be something you would have to work out with McNeel, but seems a reasonable solution to your problem.

Here’s why I would continue to work this until you get a workable solution-
While the PROMISE of RH-5 is IMMENSE, the stability of the SOLID platform you get with your RH-4/sr-9 is CRUCIAL and has seriously impacted my plans to upgrade. YES I’ve purchased my RH-5 upgrade, and I HAVE attempted to migrate forward, but stability issues, rendering problems and BONGO-2 compatibility challenges were so overwhelming that I had to drop back to RH-4/sr-9/BO-1 to complete the current project. Don’t misunderstand, I plan to proceed with my migration forward, but with the prevalence on this forum of the very same kinds of challenges that I’m encountering, I plan to wait a bit before heading back into the upgrade challenge.

Best of luck to you, and PLEASE post back here with whatever results you settle on ?

Thanks -


Thats…interesting…I’ve been using Rhino 5 as my primary production tool since…2010?


Yes many have used RH-5 with MUCH success - possibly since 2010 (Beta ?), and I’ve used it with much success, too. Unfortunately, I was forced to return to my RH-4 for this particular project for the reasons I mention previously, and note that many other users seem to have similar challenges as well.

Now I’ll be the FIRST to concede that my application is a bit unique, differing from 1- off components and assemblies with relatively small overall footprints. Shoot, even some moderate environments, such as some architectural environments (buildings, interiors surrounding landscapes, etc) are still relatively modest in component counts and absolute precision factors affected by distance of Large-to-tiny discrete components a few feet from from zero-zero-zero origin.

My modeled systems range in sizes around 500’ radius (still not too large as limits go) MILES away from origin, and potentially THOUSANDS (but usually just in the large-hundreds) of discrete components, with file running in the +1/2 to ~1gb in size, and then ANIMATING the results using BONGO. You can see that some of the stability issues mentioned on this forum become real challenges at the scales I work in. The folks at McNeel have been GIANTS helping me to manage some of these issues, mixed with what command or setting does what in a particular situation. so yes, you’ve probably used RH-5 with success since 2010 and I wish you continued success. I also see a reasonable cause for the original poster of the question to reach a satisfactory resolution to his (her?) dilemma. I was just sharing a thought from some of my experience, that I’d hoped would help. So best of luck to both of you going forward !