I can't close Rhino for mac

hi. i start using rhino for mac because i love this program and my new computer is a macbook pro inter core 2 duo 2.4gh and 4 gb ram video 320m nvidia 256 mb. my first problem is that i am unable to close rhino. i need to enter the monitor and force the exit. everytime…
i am still working to configure the trackpad so i can work with the laptop.
any ideas ??
is a common thing ?
the rhino version is the last : 5.0 Wenatchee 2014-11-10

thanks !!!

Our update notification system is having problems, so 2014-11-10 is not actually the latest version. Can you please try the latest version (2014-11-24) and verify whether or not Rhino is refusing to close? Thank you.

i installed the version from your post, and for now rhino is closing perfectly…
thanks !