I cannot start a line or any click in working space when zooming in!?

Hello everyone!

I cannot draw a line or any click action in working space when zooming in. The program tempts my cursor to only attach to the snapping points on the objects and shows prohibited sign over the empty work space. This problem will only occur when I zoom-in into small objects. Zooming out will make the system normal again.

What happen to my Rhino? Can anyone solve this?

Thank you

A video or screenshot in this sort of case isn’t helpful.
We believe you.

Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command.
Send the results and your 3dm file back in a reply.

Hopefully something will stick out as the cause.


Typically this means you have set the CPlane in such a way as when the mouse cursor is not over a specific object snap, the CPlane is not visible from the view direction. For non-object snap screen picks, the projection of the mouse cursor must fall on the active CPlane - and when that is not possible with the active CPlane and the current view, you get the :no_entry_sign: symbol showing up.

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