I cannot save my custom workspace living in dropbox

hi RMA team,

I few weeks (or months?) ago I started seeing a new problem when closing Rhino: my workspace could not be saved, I get this error message:

So If I make any changes those changes would be gone.

I was adding a few buttons with scripts now and I wanted to save them, so instead I tried to go to tools/settings and so a manual save (instead of autosave at closing), and same thing happens:

This used to work. I’ve always saved all my app files/settings/preferences in Dropbox, that’s the only way I can keep it all backed up, rev-protected and accessible from any computer.

Any ideas why is this not working anymore? is this a change done in Rhino? or in Dropbox?



same exact problem here.

Hi RMA team,

Is this issue tracked? Any ETA for a fix? I’m trying to update my workspace some more for V7, but without this fixed, living with a modified-default + custom toolbars really difficult.

It’s bad enough that I lose all my custom toolbars added to a modified default after I must run ‘Toolbar reset’ to see your new icons (it should be a better way), now also I have to ‘save as’ with a different name every time I make any change. And I have shortcuts that show/hide floating toolbars: they all break when I change the .rui container name.





I’ve seen this since Dropbox updated to their new desktop app. Not just with Rhino but several other apps. I believe their desktop app is creating a write lock on the file and not allowing other applications to write to it while they are syncing it. If you pause syncing before saving the issue goes away. This didn’t seem to be an issue with past versions of Dropbox.

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Hi Trav,

Thanks for the pausing tip. That’s a good workaround for when I want to explicitly save my workspace because I made changes. Unfortunately this is still a friction with a widely popular/reliable/and business-essential tool like Dropbox.

Adobe used to have similar problems but they seem to have fixed this on their end. I only continue to see this in Rhino. Hopefully you guys can figure something out.


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This problem is still here:

I remembered this today because I made some changed in my tools and lost them because I forgot that Rhino still doesn’t work with Dropbox. Unlike every other software we use.

McNeel team,

Do you plan to fix this?



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