I can´t add a Host Shape to a toposolid

When attempting to add the shape I need for the toposolid, the ‘Host Shape’ component simply does not function. I’ve already looked for solutions, but this appears to be the only one available, and yet it still doesn’t work. I hope you can help me, guys.

We’ll need more info to be able to help. What is the error in the Red Error Balloon?

The curves and points might be needed as well.

What version of Rhino & Revit are you running? Help Us Help You - Rhino.Inside.Revit Edition - #5 by Japhy

Japhy, thank you so much for your quick response.

Of course.

The error in the red Ballon says: 1. Transaction RolledBack and aborted.

and now that I added the curves it says: 2. Data conversion failed from Curve to Line.

And the version of Rhino & Revit and running is:

[Window Title]
Rhino.Inside - About

[Main Instruction]
Rhino.Inside© for Revit

Rhino.Inside Revit: 1.21.8872.10624 (2024-04-16T05:54:08)

[Expanded Information]
Rhino: 8.6.24101.05001 (Rhino 8)
Revit: 2024.2.10 (
CLR: 4.0.30319.42000 (4.8.9232.0)
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.22631.0

thank you so much again.

The curve you are inputting into the Creases needs to be line, try casting it to a line component first or rebuild as lines.

Japhy, again thank you so much.

I just tried again but it´s still not working, I even tried in a new file but it´s not working either.

Trying 1.gh (24.3 KB)

I just attached the file here. Hope you can help me.

Something like this work for you? (the creases are redundant in this example, i don’t think you need them)

Japhy, it actually worked, thank you so much. I just realized that there is something odd here in my file, but I don´t know why.
I´m going to try to explain it.

The toposolid will be created when it is not near the other part of the script I have, but when I try to move the boundary closer to the other geometry look what happens:

It won´t create the toposolid and I get this error:

  1. Transaction RolledBack and aborted.

But again, once I try to move it away the toposolid will work again, hahahah I don´t even know what´s happening:

232_2P_06_05_24 Layout Final (LLUI).gh (86.0 KB)