I can not cut

I can not cut the small strip of 8 mm of large polysurface that is under the other surfaces; I tried in vain using surfaces and line as cutting objects.
taglio scafo.3dm (787.6 KB)

Hi Giuseppe- it looks like the strip is split off of the larger surface and joined back - just Explode the object and delete the strip from the top edge - have I understood the question?


Hello Pascal, I tried to explode the polisurface, but does not change anything, instead I tried to distance the cutting objects from the top and thus cutting works; but I have to make the cut in the exact position and not lower. Joseph

Hi Giuseppe - maybe I misunderstood the problem- does this make any sense with what you want to do: http://screencast.com/t/ARQ8l8OS ?


Hello Pascal, I exploded polysurface before the division, without result; Now I understand what happened, but it does not seem appropriate behavior by Rhino. Thank you. Joseph