I am stuck with two crossing points. Help!

Hi, I am trying to make a prototype for a structure, but I am stuck with two crossing points in my Rhino model, it will be great if somebody can give me an advice…

Joint members (No1) will be pinned like attached image.
I want to make two crossing points (No2 and No3) to be tangent with each other, fixed with a pin.

I can’t figure out how make them to be tangent in Rhino. If it is not possible to make it the way I want, any other options in Rhino to make it closest to what I originally intended to?

Looking forwards to getting some advice, thank you.

question-tangent.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hello - I would try to work this out with lines first - or curves - it does not, off hand, seem possible with only straight lines but I may be wrong - then figure out the pipes to the inside or outside of the lines.


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Hi Lee,

@pascal is right: this can’t be solved with straight lines (because the tangents at 2 and 3 are at different longitudes on the cylinders).

If there is a solution (there may not be) then it requires an iterative method to solve, so there may be someone in the Grasshopper (/kangaroo?) community who could help.

Failing that, grab some aluminium tubing and rubber bands!


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Thanks Pascal,

It is a good point, I understand it now that I am trying to acheive might not be possible as I wanted three points in different XYZ locations to be connected with straight lines.

Jeremy, thank you for your feedback.
I will look for someone in a grasshopper community, to see if that could be a solution.