I am not understanding?

I see this forum, more people is using rhino 4 now, why?:disappointed_relieved:

Despite the fact that you see a few posts from people who are still using V4, the large majority of people are using V5.

Nothing wrong with using V4 if you are satisfied with what it does and don’t feel you need more…


This is just my speculation:

  1. It costs money to upgrade from 4 to 5.
  2. There’s UI changes that involve a learning curve.
  3. They are really speedy with 4 and it’s working well for them.

heh, if you think a few people using rhino 4 is weird, this will probably make your head explode :slight_smile:

half the people in the world are using windows 7 even though there’s a v8 and 10 available.

Another possible reason for using Rhino 4 - a plugin is used which either does not have a Rhino 5 version available, or the user does not want to pay for the Rhino 5 version of the plugin.