I am not able to receive my rhino license key

I have already downloaded Rhino 7 that is trial version. Since the trial period of my mail has expired, I created a new account with a new mail address. However, my license key has not been sent to me yet. I’m still waiting. Please help me What should I do to get the licence key mail?

Hello- you do not get to do that - you only get one trial period, after which you’ll need to buy a license to keep using Rhino.


But as far as I know , ıf you create a new account after the trial version expires, you can have a new 90 days trial version. Because all my friends do like that.

That was a loophole we recently blocked.
Your friends were cheating the system.

Yep, they will find that does not work. After all, McNeel is not a charity origanization.


I got it thanks a lot for your feedback

Tell your friends… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I hope they will solve it :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you mean “solve it”?

I think he means finding another way to get a free pass… :roll_eyes:

not necessarily, they might really just not think that far. but on the other side it is becoming rather conspicuous, those funny immature stories nobody would tell, maybe somebody is having a crack at annoying this discourse after all.

I think that simply nobody understood how widespread this practice was - especially among students. As I have stated previously, if a procedure is found to get a free pass, it generally circulates widely in universities and schools all over the world (as this one did).

I remember back in the V5 (V6?) development days, there was one Mac Beta that got put out there that accidentally didn’t have an expiration date. I was still in the university then and I can’t tell you how many students showed up with that version installed years later. It just got passed around.

omg :smiley: that was a stable beta then…